I guess sometimes we take different things for granted; our families that are there for us, taking care of us and helping just about whenever they can; we take God's Grace for granted. Another thing that just came to my mind yet again today that we take for granted is friendship. We always seem to take them for granted when we need them. But what did we do when they needed us the most? That is probably the key question when thinking about friendship. It's always easier said than done to talk about friendship and to talk about how many friends you have. But we have to look after all of our friendships, or we can just let them slip. Of course it's easier to forget about it after a while, but is is that what you want. Do you want to give up just about when times might get a little tough. That's not what you should do. Be there for your friends...sometimes it all comes down together all at the same time. And it might be hard on yourself then, too. But be sure about the fact that you will get back everything eventually and in the end you will be returned every single small favor with more love and caring by your friends. There may also be times when a friend thinks that he or she doesn't need you or anyone else at the moment. We have all been in those kinds of situations..but if you are certain that that person needs help try to tell them about what you feel and what you think. They might need time to understand but if you are on the right path, try to lead them to the right path, too..

23.7.07 20:21

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